Naked Protesters Archive for January, 2004

January 28th, 2004

Silenced and Waiting For Arrest

Once again, no back story to go with this picture, but these girls have put tape on their mouths and they are holding their wrists out for the cuffs. If this isn’t a protest, I’ll eat my metaphorical hat:

six asian girls protesting with gags on their mouths

The picture comes from EZ Bondage; Blogtied: The Bondage Blog found the link.

January 21st, 2004

Some More Naked PETA Protesters

Here’s another crew of naked PETA people hiding behind their banner. I’m still not clear on this, what’s the point of getting naked and then getting coy?

animal painted nude peta protesters hiding behind a banner

Thanks to Shell at Across the Atlantic for sending along the link.

January 8th, 2004

Naked Anti-Forestry Activists On Heavy Equipment

This photograph from Murdoch Environmental Green Action is a little light on nudity (those fig leaves are such a cop-out) but the heavy equipment and the armed cops add enough drama to make this a classic of its kind.

naked anti-forestry activists

The web page dates from March 2001 and the photograph is captioned simply: “Nude protesters halt clearing of Dalyellup Tuart forest”.

January 7th, 2004

The Biker Lady Godiva

Lady Godiva being the patron saint of all nude protesters, I cannot resist posting this bit of art even though I don’t have an artist credit for it. If anybody can help with that, I’ll be in your debt.

Lady Godiva on a motorcycle

January 5th, 2004

Anti-Capitalist Naked Guy

Here’s a scene from what the BBC described as an anti-capitalist demonstration at London’s Oxford Circus on May Day, 2001:

cheerful nude man with 'human' written on his chest

Captioned: “Rain and Cold Did Not Deter Protesters”

January 2nd, 2004

Naked Protesters…Rehearsing

Here’s an indoor shot of naked protesters “rehearsing” for the “No GM Ambush” on November 16, 2003, in Parliament Square, London:

naked protesters rehearsing indoors

Larger version here, courtesy of Bare Witness.