Topless Bike Riders, 1978

Long before the World Naked Bike Ride was a thing, the producers of the official video for the Queen song “Bicycle Rider” hired 65 women to ride a topless bicycle race in Wembley Stadium:

13 topless female cyclists

Via ErosBlog.

Topless Protest In The Italian Comics

breasts against something, or for something

Topless For A Government-Free Womb


From the Oakland women’s march in January 2017.

Fuck For Forest And Protest Naked

No details came with this Fuck For Forest naked protester photo from Tumblr, but Fuck For Forest is an actual thing:


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Trading On Her Body


This is a detail from a 2013 photo in Nona Faustine’s “White Shoes” series. The photo is captioned From Her Body Sprang Their Greatest Wealth. This blog post offers commentary and the explanation that Faustine “posed nude at former New York City slave trading sites” in order to “call attention to that history and its enduring legacy.”

Nudes Against ISIS

Naked protesters pissed off about fundamentalist Islam:


There are reports circulating on social media right now that these are organic local street protests in Lebanon against ISIS in 2015. But those reports aren’t true. This is actually a photo of Femen activists in Paris in 2013.

Say Her Name (Topless)

Here are some topless-protest photos from San Francisco that have been circulating on Twitter under the #SayHerName hashtag, in support of black women victimized by police violence:

naked protesters

naked protester

topless protester

topless protester

pretty nude protester

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