World Naked Bike Ride 2005

It seems that yesterday was the date for World Naked Bike Ride 2005. The first photos are trickling in (thanks Bryan!) and this one (from Yahoo) shows some naked cyclists in Spain:

naked bike ride 2005

I expect to see many more good pictures over the next few days — please don’t hesitate to email me with pertinent links!

World Naked Bike Ride

The World Naked Bike Ride
on June 12, 2004 was a huge success. Here are a couple of the nicer pictures. This first one is from Apeldoorn in the Netherlands:

pretty naked blonde on bicycle

In Seattle there was body paint, and cooling off after the event in a handy fountain:

naked cyclists cooling off

Topless Bike Riders, 1978

Long before the World Naked Bike Ride was a thing, the producers of the official video for the Queen song “Bicycle Rider” hired 65 women to ride a topless bicycle race in Wembley Stadium:

13 topless female cyclists

Via ErosBlog.

Half Naked Bicycle Protester

This is from a London instantiation of the ever-popular annual World Naked Bike Ride (I’m not sure what year).

pretty girl half naked against automobiles

Photo is by brianmickey and there are lots more at his page.

Naked Cyclists Redux

A lot more photos from the World Naked Bike Ride (June 12, 2004) can be found here. A sample:

naked anti-bush protester

Nude Women Of London

The photos from the World Naked Bike Ride keep trickling in, this time from London. I particularly appreciate correspondents like Chipsilver, who send me photos they took themselves. Thanks, Chip!

Pretty lass with painted boobs

pretty nude cyclist woman wearingg nothing but fancy socks

pretty half-naked cyclist

fully naked woman with backpack and bike horn

crouching nude, hidden beauty

Pump It!

Here’s a nude Vancouver lady pumping hard at the pedals during the 2005 World Naked Bike Ride in June:

nude woman pedalling hard at the world naked bike ride

From this Flikr photoset of the Ride — thanks to Trev for the link!