Naked Protesters Archive for February, 2004

February 21st, 2004

National Penis Day

James sends along this link and writes:

National Penis Day in New Zealand last September [’03] was organized by a TV
presenter called Alex Behan (I think he is the guy with the megaphone) in
protest over health adverts which were banned from showing male genitals.

These are clothes optional martyrs who shall go straight to naked Valhalla!

It looks like a lot of fun:

national penis day

nude girls at national penis day demonstration

naked women with dirty feet and pretty asses at national penis day celebration

Thanks, James!

February 17th, 2004

More Nude PETA Cuties

From Nudist News and kindly forwarded by Dr. Menlo, more naked PETA goodness. First, an objection to Colonel Sanders’ best Kentucky Fried Chicken:

KFC chick torture

“KFC Stop Torturing Chicks!”

Next, a lovely Parisian anti-fur Valentine:

nude in Paris

February 2nd, 2004

Here I Stand, I Will Not Be Shoed

Looks like this guy is taking off his shoes to be completely naked:

older man gets naked in front of line of riot police

Alas, as happens all too often, no details.