Unhappiness With Our Concept

Obviously NakedProtesters.com does not agree with many of the sentiments in the letter that follows. In our view sexuality is in the eye of the beholder. If someone shares their nudity with the world in an effort to get attention, they can’t complain when the observers say “Hey, that’s sexy!” (Or rather, they can complain, being free people; but they should expect to be laughed at for it.) Furthermore, we utterly reject the suggestion that nudity, or celebration of it in any form, including this one, is degrading to anyone or encourages “rape and other forms of criminal behavior.”

Having said all that, here’s a letter we recently got:

I checked out your web-page as I am a subscriber to the Bodyfreedom.org newsgroup.

As I am interested in helping social and public nudity gain some social credibility, I do not feel that having links to commercial porn sites gives you the right idea about nude demonstrations.

Most social activists (particularly the women), although they are not prudes or anti-sex, do not like pornography as they feel that it is degrading to men and women as well as encouraging rape and other forms of criminal behaviour.

Bodyfreedom is about helping to restructure social and political attitudes to help create a more understanding, just, and honest human race.

It is not about promoting sexual vilification or promiscuous sex, and we have a hard enough time trying to convince people that naturism and public nude recreation is not a perverted practice and is not about sex except in appropriate settings.

Regards, Dario Western (Larrikin70)

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