Nude At The Brazilian Congress

Here are some photos of the lovely Carla Santos, a 21-year-old cutie who (on May 24th, 2001) went streaking around the National Congress building in Brasilia to protest against the president of Brazil:

beautiful brazilian woman carla santos protests nude in public

pretty brazilian girl carla santos protesting naked in public

The magazine Brazzil has the whole story:

Carla Santos, 21, the president of Ubes (Uni o Brasileira de Estudantes Brazilian Union of Students) went a step further: she left all her clothes on the lawn facing the Congress and, naked, entered a moat built around the congress with the purpose to avoid that demonstrations got too close to the building. She sang the national anthem, shouted slogans against the President, and ran on the lawn. Over Carla’s naked body, there were short protest messages like CPI (Parliamentary Committee Enquiry) and Out FHC, which is an abbreviation for Fernando Henrique Cardoso. Bottomless, she semicovered her breasts with a Ubes’s flag. Her exposition lasted close to 30 minutes.

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