Indian Army Rape?

This picture (from this page dated August 2004) suggests much but explains little. Military units used against civilian populations (as “anti-terrorist” units generally are) are notorious for abuses, so one presumes that’s the story here:

nude protest against rape by indian army

The caption reads: “A group of Indian women shed their clothes and protest outside the Indian Army Assam Rifles anti-terrorism unit barracks in Imphal, Manipur.”

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Naked In India – Naked Protesters & Nude Activists commented on January 15th, 2012 at 1:46 pm:

[…] A protest outside a facility of The Assam Rifles (a military unit) in India. Sadly the photo has been blurred and it came without any details on the protest itself, although it’s pretty clearly the same event (or at least, the same event location) as seen here. […]

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