“Naked” PETA Prudes

Funny, if you think fake nudity is funny. Here’s a long video showing a PETA “naked” protest — two female activists lying in coffins to spread awareness of bird flu. Interesting video in that it shows them setting up, something you don’t usually see. Here’s one of the girls sitting up in her coffin:

peta girl in coffin

And waving for the camera, a bit of “boob” showing:

peta girl waving to camera

Then we see her sister activist getting set up, wrapped in a bathrobe and taking elaborate care to slide the robe off while getting the sign and the flowers set up to protect her “nakedness”:

peta girl protects her modesty...not

Only, uh oh, all that elaborate modesty? It’s a fraud. She forgot that cameras have zooms these days, and a quick zoom in reveals her flesh-colored tank top:

peta girl in flesh colored tank top

Look, it’s no secret that PETA’s naked protesters usually wear flesh-colored garments. But in that case, why the blushing virgin act?

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One comment on ““Naked” PETA Prudes”:

M commented on February 5th, 2007 at 10:09 am:

I’d rather see you fully clothed than faux nude.If you want the extra attention that a genuine nude protest will get you,than,by all means,get nekkid and God bless you.If not,than don’t.No hard feelings,not everyone’s got the grapes for it.These chicks want it both ways!No fair.It’s a genuine insult to nude protesters everywhere.

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