Nudes For Los 400 Pueblos

The best I can do to explain these Mexican naked protesters is to quote from the email that provided me with the photos:

In Mexico, there are a group of people that protests because their lands was robbery for a politician. This group is called “The 400 towns” (Los 400 pueblos). For this people is difficult to do this type of protests, because they are native people of the country, and their ideas are very conservatives.

nude women distributing leaflets in traffic

naked women face off with riot police during protest

nude women kneeling during a protest

semi-nude men protesting in Mexico

naked women carry protest signs in Mexico City

naked women protesting in and around a fountain in Mexico

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ff commented on August 4th, 2008 at 12:28 pm:

here is more information about los 400 pueblos:

it’s a shame that people who want to farm don’t have access to the land.

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