Piss On The Riot Police…

…or at least, piss them off. That seems to be this woman’s plan:

woman squatting to pee behind some riot cops

Of course, this picture came to me without any attribution, so it could be from a movie or a spoof. There’s also no reason to suspect (beyond the presence of riot police, which is suggestive but hardly probative) that there’s any protest context to the picture.

One comment on “Piss On The Riot Police…”:

Prime Minister commented on June 11th, 2008 at 10:26 pm:

She’s a Hungarian artist (painter and singer), Nagy Kriszta (aka Tereskova) and this performance was a kind of protest against hungarian politics, lying politicians, rioters, police violence in the last two years. It’s not pissing, but, hmmm, more. The photo was shoot at the gate of the Hungarian Parliament, with the meaning, that all of them were worth of a shit. It was connected to an online voting (symbolic shiting) about (on?) parliament, parties, politics.


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