Female Nudity: A Positive Expression Of Moral Virtue

You have to know that a blog post entitled PETA, Lady Godiva, And Feminism is going to be relevant to our interests here at Naked Protesters. And this one does not disappoint:

[C]riticism of PETA’s nude ads on feminist grounds strikes me as deeply misguided.

What’s wonderful about these ads is that they present the nude woman as being more virtuous than her clothed audience, and make her naked body symbolic of her virtue. She’s on the right side of the issue, acting as a moral examplar through her nudity, and guiding us to become more virtuous people. I think the reason PETA does this is to make vegetarianism and animal welfare in general look less like hair-shirted ascetic doctrines, and more glamorous and fun. … That she’s posing nude for animal welfare doesn’t make her an object, it makes her a better human being than you.

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