Russians Are Fucked

It’s hard for someone not from there to understand all the nuances, but politics in Russia haven’t been looking good lately, from the perspective of freedom-loving folks. As a grim ex-KGB bureaucrat solidifies authoritarian rule, and democratic opposition is systematically dismantled and destroyed, it’s my “impression from afar” that the grey old men are returning, knouts in hand and vengeance firmly in mind.

Certainly the recent election offered little promise for hope. As near as I could tell, they were a sham designed to install a puppet, who would rule at Putin’s pleasure and in his stead. That certainly seems to be the viewpoint of these folks:

russian protesters fuck to protest getting fucked by putin

I guess maybe this is the twenty-first century equivalent of the twentieth centuries’ love-ins: a “fuck-in” protest by the fucked? Izo has the context:

To mark the presidential elections, on 29 February the group War staged a “mass fuck” (массовая ебля) entitled Fuck for the Teddy-Bear Heir (Ебись за наследника Медвежонка!) in (appropriately enough, maybe) the Biological Museum in Moscow.

Update: Many more pictures here.

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Vladimir Ulyanov commented on March 26th, 2008 at 1:33 pm:

GR8 2 C fucking stil alyv & kiking in Russia!!!!! & what ‘performance art’ “Voina” performs indeed!!!!! There ort B much mor of these luv-ins & fuk-ins all over the world — insted of all the war & other hostilities which pervade.

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