Pregnant Nude Protester

A reader emailed me the following photo, sans info:

pregnant nude protesting pork

PetaEurope had the story:

It’s almost Mother’s Day! So PETA thought it the perfect opportunity to get people talking about what happens to mothers all over the world… pig mothers, that is. Today in Covent Garden as shoppers dashed around for gifts for their mothers, PETA’s very pregnant Noemie stripped, got down on all fours and knelt in a replica farrowing crate with the banner ‘Unhappy Mother’s Day for Pigs, Go Vegetarian.’

Would it be unseemly to make an appreciative “shakin’ that bacon” comment?

One comment on “Pregnant Nude Protester”:

bluejay commented on August 27th, 2009 at 3:13 pm:

It’s a great publicity stunt, but I still like bacon.

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