FEMEN At Davos

There’s nobody we love (here at Naked Protesters) more than the beautiful, ferocious, and utterly fearless (not to mention, impervious to cold) ladies of FEMEN. Apparently they gave my man Fareed and his moneyed cronies one hell of a naked jeering at the international “gangster party” for billionaires in Davos, Switzerland the other day:

nude FEMEN protesters in Davos

Crowd control fences are for peasants, they don’t even slow these ladies down! Don’t pay any mind to the police sniper on the rooftop at upper left, girls…

FEMEN nude protestes climbing crowd control fences in Davos

One thing a good naked protest can always be relied upon to do: piss off the cops. And this cop is definitely pissed off:

angry polezie at naked protest

Sadly, angry police tend to get aggressive:

nude protester being hauled off by swiss cops

Thanks to Violet Blue for the tip about this protest. The actual pics come from FEMEN’s LiveJournal.

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FEMEN Topless Protester, Arrested – Bondage Blog commented on February 1st, 2012 at 11:58 am:

[…] Thanks to Naked Protesters for finding the pictures. […]

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