Breastfeeding In Front Of Facebook Offices

Way back in 2009, Facebook was already in hot water for prudishly censoring pictures of mothers feeding their children:

It’s Milky Boobs That Threaten The World’s Teens

Well, they’re still doing it. Only now, outraged breastfeeding mothers have taken their breasts even more public, staging public breast-feeding protest events in front of FaceBook offices around the world:

Breastfeeding Women Protest Outside Facebook Offices

She and other women have organized “nurse-ins” around the world, the goal of which is to have as many women as possible breastfeed outside their nearest Facebook office. The first protests were scheduled for today, but there are even more scheduled for later this week. At the time of writing, there were albums created for six cities where protests have already taken place: Menlo Park, Detroit, Toronto, New York, and Amsterdam, and Dallas.

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