More Naked And Pregnant Protesting

Remember last year’s naked and pregnant protest against something to do with hog raising? Well, Peta Europe has done it again:

Lynzi Waddington and Holly Bryant naked and caged

Lynzi Waddington and Holly Bryant nude and pregnant and in cages

nude, pregnant, caged

naked, pregnant, in a cage

Thanks to Alexia at PETA for sending me the link.

Spanked Protester, Redux

Remember this grainy old newspaper photo of British cops spanking a Viet Nam war protester? Well, there’s a much better copy of the image at Kinky Delight, of which this here is a radically cropped and reduced version:

spanked protester


You Get What You Demand

they want bush

Mooning The Cops

This guy is having the time of his life mooning the camera in front of a cop car:

mooning the cops

Then … ooops!


busted for mooning the cops

Naked For Glaciers

I don’t know how I missed this last year when it happened:

nude protesters on a glacier

You’re looking at a Spencer Tunick / Greenpeace collaboration, described here:

Artist Spencer Tunick and Greenpeace present a living sculpture: hundreds naked volunteers symbolise the vulnerability of the glaciers under climate change.

Spanking Sarcozy

Well, his butt is naked, and he’s protesting, so I guess this is close enough to naked protest. Although, to be fair, I think he’s protesting getting spanked:

French president sarkozy getting a spanking

This cute political cartoon found here at Spanking Blog.

Moons Rising For Bush

From here:

bare bottoms of people who hate bush

French Nude For PETA

Here’s a French version of the “I’d rather go naked” poster campaign, this one featuring Eva AngĂ©li:

Eva Angeli nude, for PETA