You Get What You Demand

they want bush

Mooning The Cops

This guy is having the time of his life mooning the camera in front of a cop car:

mooning the cops

Then … ooops!


busted for mooning the cops

Naked For Glaciers

I don’t know how I missed this last year when it happened:

nude protesters on a glacier

You’re looking at a Spencer Tunick / Greenpeace collaboration, described here:

Artist Spencer Tunick and Greenpeace present a living sculpture: hundreds naked volunteers symbolise the vulnerability of the glaciers under climate change.

Spanking Sarcozy

Well, his butt is naked, and he’s protesting, so I guess this is close enough to naked protest. Although, to be fair, I think he’s protesting getting spanked:

French president sarkozy getting a spanking

This cute political cartoon found here at Spanking Blog.

Moons Rising For Bush

From here:

bare bottoms of people who hate bush

French Nude For PETA

Here’s a French version of the “I’d rather go naked” poster campaign, this one featuring Eva AngĂ©li:

Eva Angeli nude, for PETA

Bare Breasts At The Dyke March

A reader send these photos to me, identifying them as coming from the 2008 Dyke March in Toronto:

naked latinas with banner

pair of naked lesbian protesters

naked dykes protesting

pretty naked protester with pert breasts

Duct Tape For Publicity

Anti war protester figures duct tape is better than clothing, for getting on TV:

duct tape on breasts