Topless In Israel

There’s not a lot of information about this naked protest at the site where I found the photo:

half naked israeli lesbians

The Hebrew is said to say “I have sex with Palestinian women” but that’s not something I can confirm for myself.

One Hundred Naked Firemen

one hundred naked firemen protesting for better wages

From Sex and Blogs, with this caption: “100 firemen wearing only boots and helmets to request better salaries, schedules and more training, in A Coruña, Northern Spain.”

Naked Religious Protest

You don’t hear about this sort of thing every day:

In Israel the dispute continues over how to interpret its Festival of Matzot (Prohibition of Leaven) Law, 5746-1986, (also known as the “Hametz Law”). Last year, a court held that its ban on the public display of any leavened product for sale or consumption during Passover did not prevent the sale in a closed place of business of leavened products. The Haredi (ultra-Orthodox) community is still distressed over the ruling. This week, according to Arutz Sheva, to protest the interpretation, yeshiva student Aryeh Yerushalmi entered a Tel Aviv grocery store, went to the bread section, and stripped naked (except for a sock over his private parts). He says Israeli law bans performing an indecent act in a public place, but if a grocery store is not “public” for purposes of the Hametz Law, it should not be for the indecent exposure law either.

Lady Godiva Rides Again

As has become traditional here at Naked Protesters, we can’t resist publishing images of our patroness, Lady Godiva. This one is from a vintage postcard:

lady godiva nude on horse

More Naked And Pregnant Protesting

Remember last year’s naked and pregnant protest against something to do with hog raising? Well, Peta Europe has done it again:

Lynzi Waddington and Holly Bryant naked and caged

Lynzi Waddington and Holly Bryant nude and pregnant and in cages

nude, pregnant, caged

naked, pregnant, in a cage

Thanks to Alexia at PETA for sending me the link.

Spanked Protester, Redux

Remember this grainy old newspaper photo of British cops spanking a Viet Nam war protester? Well, there’s a much better copy of the image at Kinky Delight, of which this here is a radically cropped and reduced version:

spanked protester


You Get What You Demand

they want bush

Mooning The Cops

This guy is having the time of his life mooning the camera in front of a cop car:

mooning the cops

Then … ooops!


busted for mooning the cops